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Probate Administration

       Probate Administration is where the "rubber meets the road." Probate Administration refers to the period of time where a Personal Representative (a broad term encompassing all the different named representatives in the Probate process) makes and gives particular notices to creditors, both secured and unsecured, and to beneficiaries, distributees, and/or heirs, both known and unknown. The Personal Representative also needs to order, validate, and pay debts of the decedent. Where the estate is not liquid, selling hard assets, such as real estate, will be necessary. Filing necessary and proper Federal and state tax reports and forms may also be required. Finally, after the estate has been properly administrated, orderly and properly distributing the net assets, if any, of the decedent's estate among the decedent's beneficiaries (if decedent had a Will) or heirs/distributees (if decedent did not have a Will) will conclude the administration.

       All in all, a Personal Representative has serious responsibilities with serious fiduciary duties owed to a number of persons. Further, Texas law requires detailed Probate Administration procedures and protocols that, if not followed correctly, the Personal Representative may be liable for damages resulting from his or her approximate cause(s) or failure(s).    

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