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     Temporary administrations are often used in tandem with emergency proceedings. A temporary administration is the process of having appointed an individual or corporation to act as the temporary administrator for an estate. Many times, Courts employ temporary administrator in order to maintain the status quo, to ensure assets are protected and/or not wasted, ensure businesses remain active, or when there are disputes like competing applications for appointment of personal representative of an estate or during a contest to one or more will(s). Often times these dispute takes months or even years to resolve so the appointment of a temporary administrator for an estate, which may be required to file and pay taxes each year, is the prudent thing to do.

     An application for the appointment of a temporary administrator can be filed by any "interested" party. Once appointed, a temporary administrator will have the duties and powers as are explicitly described in the ordering appointing the temporary administrator. At the most general nature, the temporary administrator will be required to post a bond, take an oath (i.e. "I swear to do a prudent job"), send notice to heirs, debtors, and interested parties, file with the court an initial inventory, and file a closing or final accounting with the Court.

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Temporary Administration