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        For decedents that pass with a valid Last Will and Testament the probate proceedings can be simplified and streamlined. In general, the probate of a decedent's Will should take place by the fourth anniversary of the decedent's passing. After this date, courts can be reluctant to accept the Will. Many people choose not to probate a Will within the four-year limitations period because it is their belief that the estate is without any significant assets. However, sometimes estates can grow substantially in value after death.

       With the recent explosion in the new discoveries of lush natural resources, like the Eagle Ford Shale, and the resulting greater search for more discoveries, it is more important than ever to probate a decedent's Will within the four year limitations. You may not realize how valuable "Uncle Jim's" land is until many years down the road. If you were to inherit all of Jim's land under his Will, but failed to probate his Will within four years, you may now, more than four years later, only receive a fraction of what you would have received had you probated Jim's Will before the limitations period expired.

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Testate (with a Will)

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